Gulu NGO Forum

Gulu NGO Forum was established in April 2001 as a voluntary, non-partisan group membership organization to enhance lobbying and policy dialogue with local government, promote Networking and information sharing among the CSO fraternity including carrying out capacity building in terms of training for the Member Organisations (MOs). It is registered S.5914/4281 and incorporates with permit No. 4170. The Forum is a rights-based and learning organization with membership from NGOs, CBOs and faith-based organizations operating in West Acholi/the greater Gulu (Gulu City, and Gulu, Amuru, Nwoya, Omoro Districts).            

 We welcome your Organization to join over 108 of our active members. to determine your eligibility for membership and the benefits please fill out the application form and check out the requirements for becoming a member and the kind of membership you would be interested. 


Plot 46 Airfield Road

P.O Box 1, Gulu-Uganda


Office: +256 393 215 207

Mobile: +256 786004648


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