Gulu NGO Forum was established in April 2001 as a voluntary, non-partisan group membership organization to enhance lobbying and policy dialogue with local government, promote Networking and information sharing among the CSO fraternity including carrying out capacity building in terms of training for the Member Organisations (MOs). It is registered S.5914/4281 and incorporated with permit No. 4170. The Forum is a rights-based and learning organization with membership from NGOs, CBOs and faith-based organizations operating in the greater Gulu (Gulu, Amuru, Nwoya, and Omoro Districts).                                        


An influential network for organized, progress-able Civil Society and stakeholders

Mission Statement

Spearhead coordination, policy dialogue, and capacity enhancement for CSOs and other stakeholders.

Our Theory of Change

Our theory of change is informed by years of experience on issues of coordinating and capacity enhancement of CSOs and advocacy for good governance. In the belief that the quality of life can be improved when CSOs are strong; able to promote inclusive and equitable planning, implementation and monitoring of development actions that leave no one behind.

Our approach is based on a theory of change that puts CSOs at the center of promoting the participation of service beneficiaries and emphasizes harmonized interventions by development actors.


GNF Organizational objectives

  1. To mobilize all CSOs in the greater Gulu to be members of the Forum

  2. To interface with local government, donors both in and outside the district, other CSOs, and other international agencies for promotion of good governance and protection of human rights.

  3. To ensure equality in pursuing its objectives through affirmative action where needed.

  4. To carry out such activities or projects in the districts, that in the opinion of GNF may be beneficial in the furtherance of its objectives.