Gulu NGO Forum Membership

GNF is a membership organization for NGOs and CSOs; both local and international, working in Gulu. Our member's benefits including information sharing, networking capacity building, and lobbying and advocacy to influence governance and development processes that are relevant to them.

We welcome your Organisation to join over 200 of our active members. To determine your eligibility for membership and the benefits please refer to the Membership Charter. This stipulates all the requirements for becoming a member and the kind of membership you would be interested in.

How to Join Gulu NGO Forum 

We welcome new organizations to join our membership. It is on a voluntary basis since not all NGOs in Uganda are our members. 

An organization wishing to become a member submits a duly filled out Membership Application Form together with following attachments:

  • A copy of the Certification of Registration from the NGO Buerual

  • A copy of the Organization’s Constitution;

  • A copy of the most recent Annual Report

  • Recommendation from Local Government

  • Pay membership fee

Membership Benefits

  1. Collective Voice to engage and influence Government and other stakeholders on issues of concern to NGOs.

  2. Sharing, Learning, and Networking and open debate on topical issues for engagement.

  3. Representation of members’ views and interests in lobbying for relevant policy change.

  4. Opportunity to stand for election to Gulu NGO Forum Governance Organs such as the Board. Members can provide comments and offer recommendations to the Governance Organs on matters relevant to the activities of the Gulu NGO Form.

  5. Technical specialized advice and support on different aspects to enable your organization to grow and improve its work.


  Member Obligations, Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Members must subscribe to the Vision, Mission, and Values of Gulu NGO Forum

  2. Members should participate and monitor the success of GNF programs.

  3. Members should regularly report on their work to the Secretariat so it is shared with fellow members, the wider civil society and other stakeholders

  4. Members must pay annual membership subscription dues.

  5. Members should be proactive in promoting the organization on important issues it needs to engage with

  6. Continuously update the Gulu NGO Forum of changes in their organization