Gulu NGO Forum brings together local, national, and international NGOs working in Gulu. Its membership is open to any non-profit/non-governmental organizations that comply with the eligibility requirements in place. Gulu NGO Forum currently offers three membership categories:

(a) Full Membership:

Full Membership is open to any not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, registered in Uganda as by law established; which fully subscribes to the Constitution, Regulations, and Bye-laws of the Gulu NGO Forum and would like to participate in all its activities.

(b) Associate Membership:

Associate Membership is open to those organizations which subscribe to the objectives of the Gulu NGO Forum and are either fully registered with the NGO Registration Board or authorized to operate in specific locations by a relevant Government Authority or are not registered

as NGOs in Uganda but wish to associate with the Gulu NGO Forum

(d) Honorary Membership:

Honorary Membership is open to organizations or individuals who would have rendered a great service or secured a benefit to the Gulu NGO Forum by either rendering advisory services, securing financial assistance in the form of endowments, gifts, or donations and any other well placed personalities whose membership would be beneficial to the Gulu NGO Forum. Honorary Membership is by nomination to the Gulu NGO Forum Board.


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